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Coming in 2019-2020 is our New Raw Arctic Cod Protein Powder. We are very excited about this revolutionary product and we want the world to know what is coming. This will be the first Raw Protein Powder on the market. Completely raw, unprocessed, and predigested. This means it is extremely easy for the body to assimilate. It has shown to be more powerful and bioactive than Whey or Soy-based protein! While keeping up with our Gold Standard in sustainability, we use the fresh, wild-caught cod from our Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil to make this raw, powerful fish protein. 



We at Rosita Real Foods take FRESHLY CAUGHT ARCTIC COD from the deep cold waters in Norway and we remove the insides (livers used for extra virgin cod liver oil). EVERYTHING ELSE (skin, fillet, bones, fins, WHOLE head) are chopped up into small pieces. We then add special microbial enzymes to the chopped fish which break down the whole mass (by a process called hydrolysis) releasing Collagen from the skin and fins, and breaking down bone and proteins (which make up the fillet) into smaller peptide chains as well as single amino acids. It also releases lots of minerals and fatty acids including omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. 

When the enzyme digestion is complete we have a slurry of nutrients (especially minerals), peptides and amino acids. This is then dried. We at Rosita Real Foods wanted this product Raw so it is similar to what the Vikings did when they used to hang up their cod to dry for a month or more resulting in STOCKFISH which was a dried raw Codfish full of nutrition. So we dry it using a long process that lasts up to a month! And we dry under vacuum which also helps to inhibit microbial growth. Temperatures never exceed 50°C. These are low temperatures for a fish protein powder. However, such low temperatures require long drying times of up to a month. The result is a powder that is raw and predigested (this aspect differs from stockfish because stockfish is not predigested) and so easy to assimilate by the body. The smaller peptide chains behave like switches, turning on healthy physiological processes.

Fresh Wild-Caught While Others Use Byproduct

It differs greatly from other fish protein powders because it is the only one that is raw and so the proteins and peptides retain their biological activity. It also is produced using FRESH wild Codfish. Most companies use marine fish-derived proteins and peptides obtained from chemical or enzymatic hydrolysis of fish processing by-products or waste products. We use fresh fish. This is an important distinction to make a note of. This makes ours a very expensive product to produce. Finally, ours smells and tastes of fish (and has a darker appearance) because eliminating the smell of fish involves refining which can have a detrimental effect on the proteins. So this is REALLY a RAW and BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE product. It is also a perfect protein supplement and rich in minerals and fatty acids.

What happens when we make it our way?

It also contains bone components and is an amazing source of highly bioavailable organic calcium with other bone supporting substances. It is also rich in collagen, and organically bonded minerals including Iodine, selenium, zinc, copper Iron, and fatty acids DHA and EPA. Also rich in all the essential amino acids and especially GLUTAMINE (GLUTAMIC ACID) and TAURINE which if you look up have a host of benefits. For example, Taurine functions as an antioxidant and is also said to improve mental and athletic performance. It is often prescribed to treat congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, liver disease, high cholesterol, ADHD etc. Other high level amino acids present include Glycine, Arginine, Lysine etc.

Our protein will also probably contain rare substances found in the fish brain and eyes which are good for the nervous system.

More Powerful and Bioactive than Whey or Soy-based protein.

It is also a perfect protein and much more powerful and body ready than whey protein or soy based proteins. Fish has been called THE PERECT PROTEIN, especially when raw and predigested. Great for health and fitness/body building. Can also be used as a meal replacement when you have no time to cook fish.

As we said, the proteins are hydrolysed using natural bacterial derived enzymes with the aim of generating smaller peptide chains and these smaller peptide chains have been shown to have physiological beneficial effects (lots of research in Norway).

Just to elaborate more on proteins:

Marine fish provide a rich source of bioactive compounds such as proteins and peptides. The bioactive proteins and peptides derived from marine fish have gained a great deal of interest in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical industries, because depending on their structures and amino acid sequences, they exhibit a wide range of biological activities including antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer, antiaging, anti-photoaging activity, immunomodulatory, antihypertensive, anticoagulant, and anti-diabetic activities.

Capsules and Dosage

Capsules are made of fish gelatin (1g predigested fish per capsule). Basic recommendation is 2 capsules morning and 2 capsules evening. Body builders can take up to 8 per day (4 2x per day). Children 2 per day. 

Note: 4g (4 capsules) is equal to around 20g of fresh raw wild Cod fish. However, those 4g are predigested making it likely to be a whole lot more beneficial than the non-digested fish.

Health Benefits from Chooing Our Raw Fish Protein

STUDIES SHOW THAT COD FISH PROTEIN CAN IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF OVERWEIGHT AND OBESE PEOPLE, including the work of Aslaug Drotningsvik, Iselin Vildmyren and Oddrun Anita Gudbrandsen, who say it can prevent and treat lifestyle diseases. Their message is: FISH IS A LOT MORE THAN OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS. Their studies show beneficial effects for inactive elderly with muscular atrophy as well as adults that build muscle and inactive adults. These researchers believe that fish proteins reduce the storage of fat in the muscles, reduce inflammation in the body and improve the regulation of sugars.

Other studies suggest that predigested fish protein may help to prevent and treat injurious effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other ulcerative conditions of the bowel. It may also be beneficial for symptoms of occasional diarrhea and constipation, and reduction of bloating. It may also support gut integrity. Glutamine may be a contributing factor to this.

Tested to be Pure

Our product is a perfect protein. It has been extensively tested and is free from all harmful levels of contaminants and microbial/bacterial growth.

A Few Excerpts from Norwegian Research into Fish Proteins

1. Training and fish proteins

The amino acid profile of Norwegian fish proteins, combined with bioactive and effective absorption in the body, makes fish proteins very valuable for training and fast recovery and effective fat burning. Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine and Taurine are some of the important amino acids that are required for exercise. These are particularly important for muscle building and restoration, and "loved" by those who exercise muscle groups and are keen on a firm and muscular body. Furthermore, studies show that when consuming fish proteins, the amount of fat decreases and you get a good balance with a tighter and more muscular body.

Whole fish proteins are generally known for maintenance and strengthening of the skeleton, which is also an important aspect of exercise and muscle building. Calcium is one of the minerals we need daily to be fed through food or supplements. Both diet and physical activity affect the skeletal system, creating a whole new life throughout the life. Calcium is the most important building block in bone structure and skeleton, but also important for the muscles, heart and nervous system to function normally. Adults and elderly, youth-minded, and children- and adolescents in growth and development must pay particular attention to the regular supply of calcium.

The recommended daily dose is intended for most people. However, those with active lifestyles and those that exercise can increase the intake of Norwegian fish proteins according to their own needs. Norwegian fish proteins contain only pure wild fish, and intake of this dietary supplements has only positive effects (unless you are allergic to fish).

Exercise and muscle building is a process where Norwegian fish proteins are the optimal protein source. Far more than the current products on the market including whey proteins.

2. Strengthens legs and builds muscles

More muscle and less fat with fish proteins

In a Norwegian study at NIFES (National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research) in 2010, the test participants received a reduction in fat content after 4 weeks, and increased muscle mass by steady supply of fish proteins. The participants were overweight and received between 3 and 6 grams of cod protein each day. In addition, LDL cholesterol was reduced and they increased blood sugar tolerance. This change came completely without changing the diet or training habits of the subjects.

Strengthen bone building and muscle while at the same time preventing lifestyle diseases.

This shows that some fish each day can make a big difference, especially in obese. And this is also the ingenious idea of Norwegian Fishery Proteins: Regular daily intake of whitefish provides the desired results with strengthening of the leg and muscles, while at the same time preventing long-term lifestyle illnesses.

There is also a great deal of research on the effects of fish proteins on healthy, active and elderly people, and many suggest that you will see the good effects of fish proteins in these groups as well.

Studies show that fish proteins contribute to more muscle and less fat

From experiments with mice and rats in a Norwegian / Danish survey, if you reduce milk protein in the food for the benefit of fish protein, this helps to reduce the fat tissue. The rats in the test also increased muscle mass. The good effects are attributed to the optimal amino acid composition in the fish proteins. Researchers from the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Iceland have also shown that the amino acid composition in fish proteins can contribute to more muscle and less fat in which fish are included in the diet.

Exercise, muscle building and fish protein

The amino acid profile of Norwegian fish proteins, combined with bioactive and effective absorption in the body, makes fish proteins highly valuable for those who want to build muscle and rely on fast recovery and effective fat burning. Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine and Taurine are some of the important amino acids that training needs. These are especially important for muscle building and restoration.

Get even supply of calcium

Norwegian Fish Proteins also give you a lot of calcium every day. Calcium is the most important building block in our skeleton. Strength training and muscle building not only strengthen the muscles but also the skeleton, so it is important to get enough calcium to take full advantage of your workout.

Calcium helps in preventing osteoporosis, bone loss, and degenerative bone disease. The primary component of human skeletons is calcium phosphate.

Calcium is one of the minerals we need daily to be fed through food or supplements. Both diet and physical activity affect the skeletal system, creating a whole new life throughout the life. Calcium is the most important building block in bone structure and skeleton, but also important for the muscles, heart and nervous system to function normally. Adults and elderly, fitness professionals, and children and adolescents in growth and development must pay particular attention to the regular supply of calcium.

3. Prevents cardiovascular disease

Fish can prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Food Safety Committee in Norway, as well as the Swedish Food Administration, concludes after several meta-analyses that fish and fish fat intake reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, especially heart attack and strokes. (Directorate of Health documentation of the value of eating fish).

Fish protein from lean fish gives great health benefits.

We are indoctrinated by the fact that oily fish and cranes are the source of prevention against lifestyle disease, but several studies now point to major health benefits from eating lean fish.

Eli Kristin Aadland has researched what happens when replacing meat as a protein source with lean seafood in a research project. The effect was great!

Reduction of fatty substances

In those who ate lean fish, there was a significant reduction in the triglycerides, or fat, in the blood. High levels of such fats increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The lean fish diet also gave positive effects on several of the drugs that are markers for diabetes.

We were hoping for an effect and were very pleased that it became so big. This shows that more lean fish can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and improved cholesterol and blood glucose control.

Another research project from the University of Bergen showed that if you eat a lot of lean seafood, you can get improved cholesterol and fat levels in the blood after just four weeks. In addition, the markers also lowered lactate and C-peptide in the blood, which may indicate that intake of fish proteins from lean fish provided better blood glucose control.

The results of the study were so good that the researchers concluded that high intake of lean seafood could prevent cardiovascular disease and prevent a deterioration of the cholesterol profile, even in healthy people.

The effect lies in the fish protein

Most interesting is that the cause of this effect is probably in the fish protein and not in the omega-3 fatty acids. This is because the participants received as much omega-3, while the protein came from different sources. 

Fish protein and obesity

Over the world, more people are still struggling with obesity and overweight. Did you know that in Norway one in five men and women have obesity, and between 14 and 19 per cent of Norwegian children are overweight?

It is no secret that with excess weight there is a greater risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. 

A little fish every day gives lasting changes.

Fortunately, a lot of research is being done on how to prevent negative development and what measures can be taken without intervention measures. A study conducted with a group of obese in 2010 shows that subsidies of fish proteins can provide overweight assistance on the way to a healthier lifestyle. The study showed that participants improved both the sugar metabolism and the fat composition in the blood. They made no changes to their usual diet and activity level, but ate 6 grams of fish protein in pill form every day.

4. Other Benefits:

• Hair and skin care 

• Prevent disease  

• Heart and cardiovascular system health

• Weight loss and weight control 

• Endocrine health 

• Build muscle mass

• Healthy skin, bones, cartilage, joints 

• Firms and tones body

• Renew red blood cells 

• Contains an ideal nutritional balance that increases cognitive skills & abilities

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